Who I Am

While I hardly take myself seriously, I do take my work very seriously. Photography is my art form and not just my job. I become immersed in the moments and create from within. Photography is much more than just a click or a nice camera. I am constantly evolving as an artist and am eager to see where my work takes me next. 

Who You Are

You crave authenticity. You enjoy awkward moments and relish a good story. You love a good laugh and are not afraid to be yourself. You imagine your photographs to capture your essence and not just your pose. You want your images to be about more than just you; they are about your lives, your families, and all the crazy-amazing things that you want this day to represent. 

What to Expect

Each collection of photographs includes moments big and small. I aim to provide the images that you have always wanted and those you didn't even know you wanted until you saw them. At a wedding you will probably find me on the perimeter of the chaos looking in. I will be there through it all and yet most clients forget I am there. While I will do just about anything to capture any given moment, I tend to hang back and leave it raw and uninterrupted. 


(because your photographs deserve more than the digital abyss)

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