what you want to know (and what I wish everyone would ask!)


How do I book?

Once you have decided on a package a signed contract and 50% retainer are due to hold your date. I only book one wedding per day to ensure you receive all my focus, energy, and creativity!

How many hours should a book?

One more hour than you think you'll need! While each event is different, their are a lot of factors that somehow make weddings run behind. Hours can always be added at a later date or day of as well.

Do I need a second photographer?

I highly recommend it! Especially for weddings over 75. While I am conformable photographing larger weddings solo (and have done dozens alone) a second shoot allows for so many extra elements to be captured. During getting ready they can be with groom and groomsman while I am with the bride and bridesmaids. During the ceremony, you will have cameras in two places at once. This is definitely helpful at more tricky venues or ones with strict rules. After the ceremony, the second photographer usually tackles cocktail hour and reception room details while I focus on family portraits and bridal party. Lastly, during the reception you have two sets of eyes capturing all your important moments.


Are the photographs edited?

All photos receive editing for the following: exposure, contrast, color balance, and noise. Each photographed that is ordered for a print, product, or album receives hand editing before printing. My editing style is clean and timeless. 

How many photos will I receive?

While I never limit the number of photographs I take, or deliver, on average I deliver 80-100 per hour of shooting. The number of details, events, portrait time, and a second photographer effect whether this number is higher or lower.

Can I print the photos myself?

Yes! All wedding packages include a copy of all the photographs and a print release. While the photographs are "ready to print" many consumer labs (think Target, Costco, etc.) do not maintain the color balance of their printers resulting in varied results. I always recommend taking photos to a local professional printer (yay small business!) or ordering through a reputable lab online like Mpix. 

Since the quality and accuracy of a photograph or print product varies so greatly, I always recommend orders for enlargements be ordered through me. That way I can ensure the best image possible is showcased on your walls!

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